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It's All In the Planning

My intentions to write on this blog more have faltered, as I thought they might, but not for the reasons I anticipated.

Writing is a process for me, as it probably is for most people. The ideas have to come and get fleshed out and typed out and finally published out. That all takes time. Despite the pandemic, I find myself often short of time. This has mostly to do with holding down a full time job, even if the workload there has become vastly reduced. Besides that job, I've been pushing on the planning and execution of the infrastructure of my new catering company. There have been a few nights where I've found my thoughts muddled and my to do list growing and I've, quite literally, gone back to the drawing board.

Whiteboarding can be a symbol of corporate mediocrity with a dozen self help like methods for capturing ideas and filtering them through the corporate grapevine until they're neat, digestible packages that aren't threatening in the slightest. Despite that, I find I often need to stand at the whiteboard, alone with my ideas and create lists and in those lists, create my process.

Building a business is all about process. One step at a time. One thing at a time. I've been joking that everytime I finish one thing, it creates 25 other things that need to get done.

I'm ok with that.

Sometimes looking at my lists and my plans, I get a little nervous about the uncertainty of it all. Where will the money come from? How will we pay our investors back? How will we pay our employees? How will we pay ourselves?

But every now and then, it's the standing back and the looking at the lists from across the room that makes me excited. It's then that I'm reminded that we're building something that we've both wanted for a long time.

Something that we've both set our minds to make succeed.

In fact, we're planning on it.

And just to make sure I don't get too wrapped up in things, blogging is on my lists now, just to keep me honest.

Are you still with me?

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