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Self Portrait Project

Starting a business takes a lot of mental energy. So why am I expending more on something else?

My world as become a series of forms, spreadsheets and templates. That's all par for the course as the Chief Operating Officer of a small business. You just keep getting stuff done. Because every time you finish one thing, five more things that are just as important pop up.

Yet I occasionally find my mind wandering. I see light and shadow and texture and I grab a camera and try to capture it. That camera just happens to be in my iPad.

About a year ago I downloaded PhotoshopExpress because I wanted to post better food pics. As the pandemic got deeper I used it more and developed a series of steps to make my food pics a little better. It's got a limited set of bells and whistles compared to the desktop version that I appreciate for a quick post to Instagram.

It's good for self portraits too, which I seem to be interested in lately. And not just quick selfies, but carefully considered, staged and edited self portraits. As I've always said, I learn from the process of the making, and then from the responses the making creates. That may sound like a bunch of art department 101 jargon, but it hold true. I learn every time I make an image, whether it's food or my face.

I decided that December would be a good time to force myself into a daily self portrait practice. Create the images that I want to explore and learn to push my skills a little. Learn to think differently a little. Learn a discipline of creative work every day.

Just fucking learn.

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